3300 West & SR-194

UDOT has worked with local communities to plan ahead and manage the area’s rapid growth. 3300 West is designated a major collector roadway in Lehi City’s Master Transportation Plan and connects to SR-194 (2100 North). FOCUS was tasked with designing this connection onto SR-194 from the Timp Point subdivision and securing a UDOT access permit. They began by meeting with UDOT and Lehi City to coordinate the improvements to the intersection and added a separate eastbound right turn deceleration lane.
Along with the widening of SR-194, FOCUS designed and coordinated additional right of way (ROW) to accommodate the widening and reestablish UDOT’s ROW. The team worked closely with Edge Homes, Lehi City, and UDOT to make sure ROW documents referenced the correct names of property owners when ownership of some properties changed during the middle of the project.
Because the Timp Point subdivision is located adjacent to a large parcel not owned by the developer, FOCUS could only design half the improvements while still accounting for future construction of the other half of the road and access. This required coordination with the adjacent property owner to ensure they understood that when the property does get developed, they would be responsible for meeting UDOT requirements to widen SR-194.



Client UDOT, Lehi City, Edge Homes
Location Lehi, Utah
Project Duration February 2020 - April 2022
Services Roadway Design, Signing and Striping Design, Drainage Design, Right of Way Design, Coordination