Foothill Park

This is a hillside project on the east side of Provo City, just south of Brigham Young University.  The project is geared more for the luxury/semi-custom home.  The project was taken over by Focus Engineering & Surveying from another firm and we were able to redesign the layout to be more efficient in regards to the required earthworks to grade the site.  Focus Engineering & Surveying worked closely with the contractor in regards to grading quantities, and in the end, saved the client the cost of hundreds of thousands in cubic yardage of grading.  Even with these improvements and cost savings, the project still required more than 400,000 cubic yards of earthworks to be exported offsite.

In addition to the re-design to improve the earthworks, we completed additional design of retaining walls to accommodate the proposed homes to make the lots more buildable.

Client Ivory Homes
Location Provo, UT
Project Duration January 2012 - Fall of 2015
Services Civil Engineering Design, Boundary-Topography Survey, Construction Staking, Earthworks calculations, Individual Home Site/Grading Plans