Oct 6, 2023

FOCUS Outstanding Employees: August 2023 Platinum of the Month

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The Platinum of the Month award for August 2023 is a testament to the outstanding individuals who embody the core values of FOCUS.


Winner: Nia ButlerUpholding Honesty and Integrity

Nomination #1 Remarkable Risk Management

Nominated by: Chris Benson

Nia’s commitment to protecting FOCUS from potential risks is commendable. She identified a client with a history of non-payment, which could have posed a significant threat to our organization. Nia’s diligence in presenting this information to the project manager allowed us to address the situation proactively, protecting FOCUS’s interests. Despite being relatively new to FOCUS, Nia’s ability to leverage our tools, connect the dots, and raise the alarm is a shining example of being ANTI-NEOPLASTIC.

Nomination #2 Commitment to Transparency

Nominated by: Craig Lym

Nia’s dedication to integrity is evident in her actions. While handling a project request, she uncovered a client’s prior debt to FOCUS, a situation the client had not disclosed. Nia’s thorough verification of the individual’s identity through email and phone number checks ensured that the truth prevailed. Her commitment to honesty and transparency is a prime example of being RESISTANT TO CORROSION.

Nomination #3: Exceptional Customer Service

Nominated by: Christian Broberg

Nia’s commitment to our Core Ideology, even in challenging situations, is commendable. When faced with a complex Ajera question, Nia went above and beyond to find a solution. She tirelessly sourced information and resolved the issue, providing the very best customer service. Her dedication and thoroughness exemplify the qualities of being HIGHLY VALUABLE, DESIRABLE, AND RARE.

Runner-Up: Christian BrobergDelivering Exceptional Client Experiences

Nominated by: Bryce Benson

Christian Broberg has earned the Runner-Up spot for Platinum of the Month in August 2023, thanks to his unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. Two clients recently gave FOCUS 5-star Google reviews, attributing their exceptional experiences to Christian’s expertise and professionalism. His dedication to communication, customer service, passion for client success, and efficiency has positioned FOCUS as a highly valuable and desirable service provider.

Congratulations to Nia Butler and Christian Broberg for their outstanding contributions in August 2023. Their dedication to FOCUS’s Core Ideology and their exceptional service to clients have truly set them apart. These individuals exemplify what it means to be Platinum of the Month, and their actions reflect the qualities that make FOCUS highly valuable, desirable, and rare in the eyes of both clients and colleagues.