Jan 31, 2024

FOCUS Outstanding Employees: December 2023 Platinum of the Month

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The Platinum of the Month award for December 2023 is a testament to the outstanding individuals who embody the core values of FOCUS.


Winner: Carolina Ortiz—The Benefits of Detailed Attention

Nominated by: Tui Siliva

I am nominating Carolina for exhibiting the PLATINUM property of HIGH MELTING AND BOILING POINT. I had the opportunity to work with Carolina on a couple of projects that required a Technical Drainage Study, and I was very impressed. What stood out was her attention to detail and overall attitude towards a ton of changes that she had to make for us. I was very appreciative of her willingness to review and make the final updates for us. She was asking a lot of questions and I could tell that she was very PASSIONATE FOR HER CLIENT’S SUCCESS. She made sure she understood the project and that it was updated correctly.

Thanks, Carolina for all that you do for our TEAM.


Runner-Up: Lynn Gray—An Improvement Mindset

Nominated by: Matt Hakes

Lynn shows a HIGH MELTING AND BOILING POINT when working with her clients. One of the biggest ways she shows PASSION FOR CLIENTS SUCCESS is her extra effort helping clients meet their deadlines. She will often put in extra hours if she needs to. She has helped me on a number of projects recently with this. Her extra effort has really helped have a calming effect on some stressful situations.

She also does a good job about asking for feedback and learning from that feedback to provide a better product. Learning and making adjustments based on feedback is one of the best ways that we can show PASSION FOR OUR CLIENTS. Lynn has been doing that on our shared projects. It can be hard sometimes receiving feedback on how to improve, but Lynn is showing that HIGH MELTING AND BOILING POINT by being accepting of the feedback and striving to improve.


Congratulations to Carolina Ortiz and Lynn Gray for their outstanding contributions in December 2023. Their dedication to FOCUS’s Core Ideology and their exceptional service to clients have truly set them apart. These individuals exemplify what it means to be Platinum of the Month. Their actions reflect the qualities that make FOCUS highly valuable, desirable, and rare in the eyes of both clients and colleagues.