Jun 1, 2021

In FOCUS: MJ Tineo, Construction Staking

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Construction Staking Field Manager MJ Tineo remembers having an interest in the engineering and construction field at a very young age. In pursuit of his Bachelor of Science in Geology degree, which he obtained several years ago, he was in classes that allowed him to perform field mapping in several areas of Utah. It was during this college field experience that he learned about the earth’s soil and recognized its importance, given that everything we build is on soil. MJ knew he had found his calling.

Well-Rounded Knowledge

Recognizing a great opportunity to learn more about the field, joining FOCUS was an easy decision for MJ. In his 3 years thus far with FOCUS, he has gained a well-rounded understanding of construction staking. Starting with FOCUS as a QA/QC Lab Technician helped him fine-tune his thoroughness and attention to detail, as well as gain an appreciation for the quality of the soil products. He progressed to Senior Crew Chief, and most recently to Construction Staking Field Manager.

MJ and his team provide construction staking for all the FOCUS project types. This includes marker placement for both residential and commercial projects prior to construction—from sidewalks, trails, planters or the corners of a building to water fountains and other aesthetics placements.

Currently pursuing his geotechnical degree, MJ is excited about the significant possibilities for geotechnical opportunities with FOCUS. In particular, he is animated about the level/settlement monitoring we offer clients.

Customer Service: Both External and Internal

Fitting with the FOCUS culture, MJ most appreciates serving clients. He enjoys driving by a building and seeing people using the spaces that started with the services his team provides. He also enjoys assisting clients in tackling difficult projects. “It is very rewarding when a client is trying to figure out how to build a certain building and, during the process, asks for our team’s advice,” he revealed. Clients often ask for input on the most efficient way to accomplish the staking to ensure it lasts the duration of the project. For MJ, being part of the decision making is exciting. “I take great pride in facilitating our staking services to meet our clients’ needs in a diligent and timely manner,” he shared.

MJ also places great importance on employee and team development, and he is extremely passionate about ensuring his team’s personal and professional successes. By helping them understand and embrace the FOCUS vision, they have been able to serve clients better than ever before. “I spend time listening to my team members’ needs and plans, then do my best to align their goals with their role at FOCUS,” he explains. This begins in the hiring process, when FOCUS managers spend time getting to know candidates’ personalities, values, and character to identify individuals who will be a great fit in the FOCUS culture. Every day, MJ does his best to ensure that our internal clients and greatest assets—FOCUS employees—are also happy.

A Promising Future

With a thriving department that maintains a long list of happy clients, MJ is enthusiastic about the future. “There are two things that separate FOCUS from our competition: responsiveness and our QA/QC system. With these two things continuously improving, I can only imagine how far we will be able to go for our clients,” proclaimed MJ.

The process of interpreting construction plans to provide accurate staking for facilities is not always an easy task, but in talking with MJ, you would never know it! Congratulations to MJ and the entire construction staking team for a continued job well done for our valued clients.