Dec 10, 2023

FOCUS Outstanding Employees: October 2023 Platinum of the Month

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The Platinum of the Month award for October 2023 is a testament to the outstanding individuals who embody the core values of FOCUS.


Winner: Pam LedesmaUnderstanding Improvement

Nominated by: Collette Davis

I am nominating Pam Ledesma for being HIGHLY VALUABLE, DESIRABLE, and RARE. Pam had watched a couple of prescreens that the admin team had conducted for her department. After watching these, she noticed some patterns and had a couple points of critical feedback on conducting prescreens.

This was way out of Pam’s comfort zone, but she politely and candidly told me specific examples of things we could have done better. This critical feedback was extremely beneficial for our TEAM. We greatly appreciated that Pam was so PASSIONATE ABOUT OUR SUCCESS. Thank you, Pam!


Runner-Up: Bryan Wilson—Excelling Under Client Feedback

Nominated by: Tui Siliva

I’d like to nominate Bryan Wilson for exhibiting the PLATINUM property of being MALLEABLE. He’s shown a very high level of COMMUNICATION with one of the clients that he and I were working with. The client was already frustrated with the previous engineers they worked with due to their lack of COMMUNICATION. The project has since been approved by the city to start construction. I can say for certain that the CLIENT is very HAPPY now that their project is moving forward.

Bryan was a big contributor to this. He took time to meet them on-site and provided a few options for them to choose from. He took over the coordination with the city from the contractor, helping the client navigate all of the city comments by explaining what the city is looking for. Bryan has gone above and beyond to make sure this client’s project is successful and that they are getting updates frequently. Thank you for all your hard work and commitment, Bryan.


Congratulations to Pam Ledesma and Bryan Wilson for their outstanding contributions in October 2023. Their dedication to FOCUS’s Core Ideology and their exceptional service to clients have truly set them apart. These individuals exemplify what it means to be Platinum of the Month. Their actions reflect the qualities that make FOCUS highly valuable, desirable, and rare in the eyes of both clients and colleagues.