Jul 31, 2023

FOCUS Platinum Employees: June 2023

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Our Employee of the Month awards are employee driven. Nominations are made by employees who witness exceptional performance that goes beyond expectations.


Winner: Megan Fernandez – Exceeding Deadlines and Ensuring Client Success

Megan Fernandez has been awarded FOCUS’s prestigious Platinum of the Month for June 2023. Her exceptional performance in meeting challenging deadlines and her dedication to client success set her apart from the rest. Let’s delve into the outstanding qualities that make Megan highly valuable, desirable, and rare in her role.

Demonstrating Exceptional Passion for Client Success

Megan’s unwavering commitment to client satisfaction is truly commendable. When faced with a project that seemed nearly impossible to complete within the given timeframe, Megan rose to the occasion. Her passion for ensuring client success became evident as she worked relentlessly to deliver the project, even under stressful circumstances. Megan’s ability to stay focused and determined without complaints showcases her exceptional dedication.

Exceeding Expectations and Going the Extra Mile

Megan’s willingness to tackle difficult tasks and overcome obstacles proved invaluable to the entire team. She consistently went above and beyond, making herself an indispensable asset to the project’s success. Despite the inconvenience and pressure, Megan’s determination remained unwavering. Her ability to rise to the challenge and complete the project demonstrates her extraordinary work ethic and dedication to excellence.

Megan was nominated by Ben Duzett.

Runner-Up: Dennis Jordan – Building Bonds and Exceeding Expectations

Dennis Jordan has been named the Runner-Up for the June 2023 Platinum of the Month award in recognition of his remarkable performance and exceptional ability to establish strong relationships. His contributions to the Center Street Project and his dedication to surpassing expectations have truly set him apart.

Building Strong Bonds and Facilitating Communication

Dennis’s exemplary communication skills and efficiency have played a pivotal role in the success of the roadway project. As a first-time collaborator, Guangyao Li experienced firsthand Dennis’s ability to establish effective communication channels and provide clear guidance to external clients. Dennis fostered a positive rapport; not only cultivating a strong relationship with Li but also with the external clients involved in the project. His ability to bond easily and effectively has been instrumental in enhancing collaboration and project outcomes.

Going Above and Beyond for Project Success

Dennis’s commitment to ensuring the success of the Transportation Department is commendable. Throughout the Center Street project, he consistently checked in with team members, ensuring that everyone was aligned and working towards shared goals. His proactive approach and willingness to provide any necessary support have greatly contributed to the project’s success.

Dennis was nominated by Guangyao Li.

We are proud to highlight Megan and Dennis, who have gone above and beyond to embody our company culture and make a positive impact on our clients and our team.