Jul 9, 2024

FOCUS Outstanding Employees: April 2024 Platinum of the Month

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The Platinum of the Month award for April 2024 is a testament to the outstanding individuals who embody the core values of FOCUS.


Winner: Michael Ekenstam—Exceptional Listening and Responsiveness

Nominated by: Adam Eastman

Two different people gave Mike some high praise directly to me within about a 1-hour period. I am nominating him for being HIGHLY VALUABLE, DESIRABLE AND RARE.

First, a client of ours called me about a lot of potential upcoming work. A recent commercial developer has been trying to convince him to use the FOCUS TEAM. The engineering groups they have had have been frustrating. Slow, poor at listening, consulting, and collaborating, they design products that are way too expensive for their services. He said he finally convinced the developer to use FOCUS on several upcoming projects. He said when he sits down with people, he can tell right away whether people are go-getters and are going to make good things happen for him or not. In his experience, this other group is not, but that FOCUS is.

He specifically mentioned Michael Ekenstam as one who has been extremely responsive, COMMUNICATIVE, solution-seeking, and careful and genuine in his design, consultation, and collaboration. He cited a tricky residential project he worked with Mike on a few months ago. We didn’t know this builder could bring more than just a few residential projects a year, but Mike took great care of him. It looks like there is good potential with this client and his contacts.

Additionally, in a check-in with Collette, I asked her who is standing out to her at FOCUS right now, and she mentioned Michael. She also noticed Michael as HIGHLY VALUABLE, DESIRABLE AND RARE in many ways, but specifically in how he COMMUNICATES and interacts with internal teammates and clients. She mentioned that Mike is extremely responsive to clients as well as to the needs of the internal TEAM. There really is no difference between the two in how Mike responds effectively to each. She mentioned he builds relationships and bonds easily with others because he listens. He shows genuine care and responds well to difficult situations.



Nominated by: Brad Mason

I want to shout out Mike for being HIGHLY VALUABLE, DESIRABLE AND RARE. In addition to the many great things that Mike does on a daily basis, I have noticed his ability to listen and read the body language or tone of internal and external clients and then respond to that. He is ready to adjust to what he sees are the needs of the individual he is interacting. He uses his observational skills to help them be successful. This leads to setting the TEAM, and our clients, up for success.



Runner-Up: Kaitlyn Jones—Proactive Engagement

Nominated by: Ben Duzett

Kaitlyn is always willing to jump in and help to KEEP FOCUS CLIENTS HAPPY. She has very HIGH MELTING AND BOILING POINTS because she is always willing to put the client first for success. This month she has jumped in to help the SCR team with different tasks with a moment’s notice and has delivered. She owns what we give her and makes sure it is successful. It is not just about getting it done but making sure the client gets a great experience.



Congratulations to Michael Ekenstam and Kaitlyn Jones for their outstanding contributions in April 2024. Their dedication to FOCUS’s Core Ideology and their exceptional service to clients have truly set them apart. These individuals exemplify what it means to be Platinum of the Month. Their actions reflect the qualities that make FOCUS highly valuable, desirable, and rare in the eyes of both clients and colleagues.