May 6, 2024

FOCUS Recognizes Employees for Exemplifying Platinum Characteristics

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At FOCUS, we strive to adopt the many valuable properties of platinum: being malleable, bonding easily, resisting corrosion, and possessing high melting and boiling points. Ultimately, we aim to become—like platinum—highly valuable, desirable, and rare partners for our clients.

Recently, six employees stood out for consistently demonstrating these characteristics in their work and interactions with clients. Congratulations to Christian, Cory, Dennis, Eliot, Mariah, and Tiffanee for embodying the platinum standards we uphold at FOCUS! Their recognition was more than just an award—it was an acknowledgment by company leadership that these employees consistently exhibit the platinum qualities in their work.

To celebrate their dedication, each received “platinum” apparel items, such as hats, shoes, sunglasses, chains, and pants. These items were intended to be more fun and memorable than functional. Adding to the spirit of the event, each employee was presented with a “platinum” grill (fake teeth) as they were recognized before the entire company at our recent all-staff meeting.

We see you! (And how could we not with those grillz!) This recognition is a testament to the unity and pride we share at FOCUS, and we thank these team members for their unwavering commitment to excellence.