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Summerfield Access Road

FOCUS was tasked by Boyer to provide an entrance for Ridgeview Highland townhomes. Our transportation team worked to gain approval with UDOT for access on County Blvd. (SR-192) to complete the Summerfield Drive access road. At the onset of this project, the FOCUS team ensured that all UDOT access process steps and timing were explained to Boyer, which enabled the job to run smoothly and keep everyone in the loop.

Hidden Oaks- Herriman, Utah

Hidden Oaks is a master planned community adjacent to Butterfield Canyon comprised of 823 homes. FOCUS was involved with the master planning, which included the realignment of Butterfield Creek, and has done design work on all phases of the project. The site includes a small valley with steep slopes on both ends of the valley where it connects with other parts of the development. This topography posed design challenges with storm drain and earthworks. FOCUS engineers teamed up with outside water resource engineers to model the creek realignment, which enabled them to provide a storm drain design that didn’t require extensive earthworks costs.

2100 North Right Of Way- Lehi, Utah

As part of the overall growth in Lehi, FOCUS worked with Lehi City and UDOT to research, survey, and design the existing and new-right-of way along 2100 North (SR 193) to accommodate the widening of 2100 North to add right-turn lanes and bike lanes. FOCUS’ survey crews were able to determine the existing right-of-way and write descriptions for the new right-of-way. Working closely with UDOT, we were able to provide the appropriate documents and get them recorded through the county for official filing. This project stretched over three miles along 2100 North where we surveyed the entire length of 2100 North on both the eastbound and westbound lanes and determined the right-of-way. There were also multiple existing accesses along 2100 North that we worked closely with UDOT to officially close these accesses to obtain the required access spacing to make 2100 North the ultimate roadway classification from UDOT.

Center Street & Wasatch Street- Midvale, Utah

FOCUS was asked by Midvale City to provide survey, landscape, and roadway improvements along two major roads within the city limits – Center Street and Wasatch Street. For both roadways, our team of surveyors, landscape architects, and roadway engineers worked very closely on the gathering of survey information, design of roadway improvements, and landscape to enhance the aesthetics along these roads. The right-of-way along Center Street and Wasatch Street was researched and established and the proposed design was all maintained within these right-of-way limits. We held weekly progress meetings to ensure the project was progressing and staying on schedule, and coordinated with the city on specific landscaping details to meet the goals of this project.

Traffic Impact Studies

Our team of traffic engineers has worked on traffic impact studies for over 20 years throughout Utah, primarily across the Wasatch Front. In the last two years, FOCUS has performed over 50 traffic impact studies in areas ranging from multi-phase master planned communities to single-lot commercial developments. The large master planned communities like Rosecrest East in Herriman, The Gathering at Creek Ridge in Herriman, Overland in Eagle Mountain, and Mountain Ridge in Herriman and Riverton, consist of thousands of single-family units mixed with multi-family and commercial lots all within the same development. On these studies, we coordinated closely with the reviewing agency, which in most cases was the city where the developments are located, and UDOT. The traffic impact studies were generated to meet the requirements of each individual city and UDOT. Coordination from the beginning of each project was held to make sure the future needs of the city were met, along with the necessary improvements from the specific development. We use the latest software and manuals to provide the necessary trip generation volumes as well as data for level-of-service analysis. We collect our own data when necessary and also use available data from UDOT and other surrounding resources to provide accurate traffic counts.

4100 West & SR-194- Lehi, Utah

4100 West is designated a major collector roadway in Lehi City’s Master Transportation Plan and is part of the Willow Point subdivision. Because the road connects to SR-194 (2100 North), a UDOT access permit was required. FOCUS met with UDOT and Lehi City to coordinate this connection. As part of the improvements to this intersection, FOCUS designed a separate eastbound right turn deceleration lane along with a separate eastbound acceleration lane. The improvements were designed to meet UDOT standards. Along with the widening of SR-194, FOCUS also designed and coordinated additional right of way (ROW) to accommodate the widening and reestablish UDOT’s ROW. There were many property owners along this stretch of SR-194 and in the middle of the project the ownership of some properties changed. The resulting rework of many documents ensured correct ownerships were properly illustrated on the documents. FOCUS communicated often with Edge Homes, Lehi City, and UDOT to make sure all parties were apprised of changes throughout design review and unexpected delays.

3300 West & SR-194- Lehi, Utah

UDOT has worked with local communities to plan ahead and manage the area’s rapid growth. 3300 West is designated a major collector roadway in Lehi City’s Master Transportation Plan and connects to SR-194 (2100 North). FOCUS was tasked with designing this connection onto SR-194 from the Timp Point subdivision and securing a UDOT access permit. They began by meeting with UDOT and Lehi City to coordinate the improvements to the intersection and added a separate eastbound right turn deceleration lane. Along with the widening of SR-194, FOCUS designed and coordinated additional right of way (ROW) to accommodate the widening and reestablish UDOT’s ROW. The team worked closely with Edge Homes, Lehi City, and UDOT to make sure ROW documents referenced the correct names of property owners when ownership of some properties changed during the middle of the project. Because the Timp Point subdivision is located adjacent to a large parcel not owned by the developer, FOCUS could only design half the improvements while still accounting for future construction of the other half of the road and access. This required coordination with the adjacent property owner to ensure they understood that when the property does get developed, they would be responsible for meeting UDOT requirements to widen SR-194.

SR-87 & County Road- Talmage, Utah

Utah State Route 87 (SR-87) spans 37 miles and connects communities in Duchesne County. A county road intersecting SR-87 at Mile Post 7.6 services a landfill and oil refinery. Large trucks regularly turning off SR-87 onto the county road were constrained by an existing power pole on the intersection corner, forcing the trucks to make a very wide turn and drive into the oncoming traffic lane.

Wood Hollow Estates- West Valley City, Utah

The project site’s steep slope and location adjacent to U-111 posed some unique challenges. FOCUS worked closely with the developer to provide precise grading and specific lot drainage to meet its requirements and desired functionality for the various home plans. This included the design of several retaining walls, which required substantial coordination with UDOT due to their proximity to U-111. With no outfall location for storm water, FOCUS designed the site to retain all storm water. Water pressure on the site was extremely low, so finished grades were designed to meet state’s water pressure requirements. This required the top of a hill to be cut down to achieve the minimum water pressure. FOCUS also worked closely with UDOT on improvements to the intersection at 6200 South and U-111, including modifications to the signal system and nearly 2000 feet of new acceleration and deceleration lanes to safely manage traffic going in and out of the development.

Rail Trail Pedestrian Crossing- Park City, Utah

The historic Rail Trail is an old Union Pacific railroad track that dates back to the 1880s. The 28-mile trail runs from Park City to Echo Reservoir and is used year-round by bikers, hikers, horseback riders, cross-country skiers, and fishers.

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