Summerfield Access Road

FOCUS was tasked by Boyer to design the Summerfield Access Road as an entrance for Ridgeview Highland townhomes. Our transportation team worked to gain approval with UDOT for access on County Blvd. (SR-192) to complete the Summerfield Drive access road. At the onset of this project, the FOCUS team ensured that all UDOT access process steps and timing were explained to Boyer, which enabled the job to run smoothly and keep everyone in the loop.
The tight space available for this access, combined with the various UDOT design requirements, presented a unique challenge. FOCUS tackled this through constant communication with the UDOT team, which included regular coordination meetings to address specific areas of concern and to keep the project moving forward. In the end, our engineers put in a lot of extra time to push for efficient communication all ways. This resulted in happy clients and a well-delivered access road for the Ridgeview Highland Townhomes.

Client The Boyer Company
Location Highland, Utah
Project Duration Fall 2019- Spring 2020
Services Transportation Engineering Structural Engineering