The Point at Saratoga Springs

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The Point at Saratoga Springs is comprised of four retail buildings situated east of Redwood Road in the rapidly growing city of Saratoga Springs, Utah. FOCUS provided surveying and site civil engineering for the nearly four-acre site. The construction was completed in June of 2023.
The shared parking lot features 156 stalls and 5 dedicated drive-through lanes among the four buildings. The design also features a 10-foot walkway that funnels customers from the most distant areas of the parking lot to the buildings. Each building is a modern and architecturally pleasing space.

FOCUS engineers and surveyors worked closely with adjacent property owners and the city to coordinate connectivity to roadways and properties.

Additionally, our survey team gathered extensive topographic information on each of the adjacent properties and roadways so the design team could properly tie the parking lot and drive isles together to minimize slopes and maintain connectivity.


Client X Development
Location Saratoga Springs, Utah
Project Duration Winter 2020 - Summer 2021
Services Site Civil Engineering Surveying