Nov 6, 2023

FOCUS Outstanding Employees: September 2023 Platinum of the Month

By Focus Engineering In News, Team No comments

The Platinum of the Month award for September 2023 is a testament to the outstanding individuals who embody the core values of FOCUS.


Winner: Carolina OrtizPrioritizing Client Success

Nominated by: Park Sorenson

I have nominated Carolina for employee of the month for a number of reasons, but I will focus on one trait from our PLATINUM theme. Carolina has an incredibly HIGH MELTING and BOILING POINT. She is an excellent example of what PASSION FOR CLIENT SUCCESS should look like. She has been put under pressure several times by client needs and deadlines and always does what it takes to fulfill the commitments she makes. By staying late, skipping lunch, or dropping personal commitments, she ensures FOCUS CLIENTS ARE HAPPY.

I have also recently received two unsolicited comments from clients saying how great Carolina has been. They were very impressed by her. She is an amazing FOCUS TEAM player that strives to embody the FOCUS culture. This is hard to do on its own, but when you couple that with her personal life it makes it even more impressive. Carolina, you spin so many important plates at work and at home and it amazes me that you never complain. You constantly strive for greatness. You deserve to be the FOCUS PLATINUM of the Month.


Runner-Up: Austin White—Excelling Under Client Feedback

Nominated by: Matt Christensen

In a conversation with Steve Julian at DAI this last week I received some feedback about Austin and how impressed they have been with him. He applies the HIGHLY VALUABLE, DESIRABLE, and RARE property by his responsiveness to sending items over quickly when they need them.

Steve reviews all plans before they get submitted to cities; Austin worked on two separate plan sets, and Steve made a ton of comments on the first one and sent it back to Austin. When Austin returned both sets of plans, Steve couldn’t find anything to mark up. Austin had taken the redlines and fixed them in both plans to DAI’s standards. That shows he is HIGHLY VALUABLE, DESIRABLE, and RARE by making sure that all our plans are our best work. Austin has been doing an amazing job working with DAI and KEEPING FOCUS CLIENTS HAPPY. Austin is definitely HIGHLY VALUABLE, DESIRABLE, and RARE.


Congratulations to Carolina Ortiz and Austin White for their outstanding contributions in September 2023. Their dedication to FOCUS’s Core Ideology and their exceptional service to clients have truly set them apart. These individuals exemplify what it means to be Platinum of the Month. Their actions reflect the qualities that make FOCUS highly valuable, desirable, and rare in the eyes of both clients and colleagues.