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4100 West & SR-194

4100 West is designated a major collector roadway in Lehi City’s Master Transportation Plan and is part of the Willow Point subdivision. Because the road connects to SR-194 (2100 North), a UDOT access permit was required. FOCUS met with UDOT and Lehi City to coordinate this connection. As part of the improvements to this intersection, FOCUS designed a separate eastbound right turn deceleration lane along with a separate eastbound acceleration lane. The improvements were designed to meet UDOT standards. Along with the widening of SR-194, FOCUS also designed and coordinated additional right of way (ROW) to accommodate the widening and reestablish UDOT’s ROW. There were many property owners along this stretch of SR-194 and in the middle of the project the ownership of some properties changed. The resulting rework of many documents ensured correct ownerships were properly illustrated on the documents. FOCUS communicated often with Edge Homes, Lehi City, and UDOT to make sure all parties were apprised of changes throughout design review and unexpected delays.

3300 West & SR-194

UDOT has worked with local communities to plan ahead and manage the area’s rapid growth. 3300 West is designated a major collector roadway in Lehi City’s Master Transportation Plan and connects to SR-194 (2100 North). FOCUS was tasked with designing this connection onto SR-194 from the Timp Point subdivision and securing a UDOT access permit. They began by meeting with UDOT and Lehi City to coordinate the improvements to the intersection and added a separate eastbound right turn deceleration lane. Along with the widening of SR-194, FOCUS designed and coordinated additional right of way (ROW) to accommodate the widening and reestablish UDOT’s ROW. The team worked closely with Edge Homes, Lehi City, and UDOT to make sure ROW documents referenced the correct names of property owners when ownership of some properties changed during the middle of the project. Because the Timp Point subdivision is located adjacent to a large parcel not owned by the developer, FOCUS could only design half the improvements while still accounting for future construction of the other half of the road and access. This required coordination with the adjacent property owner to ensure they understood that when the property does get developed, they would be responsible for meeting UDOT requirements to widen SR-194.

Challenger School

Challenger School tasked FOCUS with the survey and site civil engineering work for its 7.5-acre campus in Sandy, Utah. This included roadway design for UDOT along 700 East, and full site design, including circulation plans for student drop off, playground and field grading, utility design (storm drain, sewer, water, power, and gas), parking lot design, and sidewalk routing. The site’s significant slope, which falls 10 feet from east to west, presented challenges with storm water retention and ADA accessibility. The storm water outlet on 700 East was higher than the campus, so all storm water had to be retained on site. FOCUS utilized an underground storm water retention system to maximize the location of the building and playground. To ensure ADA accessibility, FOCUS designed an additional ramp to deal with the steep grade, and a raised, tabletop speedbump to maintain the sidewalk as an accessible route and to slow down traffic.

Utah Military Academy

The Utah Military Academy is a 2-story, 60,000-square-foot school sitting on 6 acres in Lehi, Utah. It is part of the Holbrook Farms master planned community and includes 1,200-linear feet of backbone roadway to provide access and utilities to the site. FOCUS provided boundary and topography survey, civil engineering design of the site, utility and drainage design, as well as the landscape architecture planting and irrigation plans. The site was located in the middle of existing agricultural land that was actively being farmed, which posed the challenge of keeping the farming operation going during development. FOCUS worked closely with the farmer to provide a temporary irrigation system that would function to their standards and allow them to keep farming. The irrigation system design had to work with the proposed site development and avoid conflicts with the proposed utility design. Close coordination between all parties was key to this project’s success.

Curtis Center

The Curtis Center is a 21,550-square foot arts and educational center for individuals with intellectual disabilities. It houses classrooms, fitness and athletic facilities, and a performing arts center. To accommodate the facility’s various needs, FOCUS engineers had to address several challenges. These included tying in large concrete masonry walls of varying heights (between 15 and 30 feet), and spanning 60- to 70-foot spaces over the gymnasium and auditorium with steel joist, while accounting for heavy loads due to several large rooftop air conditioning units, heavy auditorium lighting, and stage curtains. Close coordination between FOCUS and the architect on these elements was critical to the successful outcome of this project.

Stewart Retail

Located on University Parkway in Orem, the new retail building will include five retail units. FOCUS provided structural design services for the retail addition. The center’s unique roof framing includes a tower with windows on all four sides and a large elevated arched roof section. The materials and treatments were designed to match nearby existing structures along this busy commercial corridor.

Ambulatory Surgical Center

Located in the Pleasant Valley Medical Plaza, this two-story 10,943 SF building will house a medical clinic and ambulatory surgical center. When constructed, the exterior elevations will include a mix of materials including glass, metal panels, masonry cladding and brick veneer.

Soleil Lofts

FOCUS provided civil engineering services for this project, which is located on a hillside in Herriman, UT. The biggest challenge on this site was the slope of the terrain. The project slopes approximately 70 feet across the site, so we had to work with the owner and architect to come up with some unique buildings that step down the site. The buildings enter on the first floor on the downhill side, and second floor on the uphill side.

Draper Smiles Office Building

FOCUS engineers worked closely with the architect and contractor to ensure all parties were on th same page with structural adjustments made to the building during construction.

River Heights Medical Offices

River Heights Medical building is a three story, 49,000 square foot medical office building intended for multiple tenants. FOCUS structural engineers avoided any expensive steel moment or brace frames by designing the entire building with wood shear walls. Accommodating both the large size of the building and the need for large, open, flexible spaces for future tenants required some teamwork and ingenuity to get the lateral force resisting system to safely and effectively function as all wood, and mostly confined to the exteriors of the building.